Denmark's $34 Billion Artificial Green Island

Denmark's $34 Billion Artificial Green Island

The Danish government has put plans in place to build a monumental island 50 miles out at sea. The island will be surrounded by 200 collosal wind turbines and potentially power 9 million homes.

The revolutionary island is set to power 9 million homes

Paving the way forward for carbon neutrality is Denmark with a construction project set to be the largest in it's history. The island will be a mind-bending 120,000sq m.

Phase 1 of the project will draw 3GW of electricity or enough to power around 3 million homes. Denmark only has 2.7 million homes right now so they will exporting energy to neighbouring countries from the get-go. When the final phase is completed the island will be able to generate a whopping 10GW, enough electricity to power 9 million homes.

One of the ways the island will generate pure green energy is  through electrolysis. It will take clean energy from the wind-turbines which encompass it, use this electrcity to carry out electrolysis on H20 (water), with the product being pure hydrogen and pure oxygen. Pure hydrogen can be used to create green fuel for aircraft and ships, aswell as power and heat homes.

Currently the EU's largest oil producer, Denmark aim to phase out fossil fuels completely by 2050. If all goes to plan with this endeavour, construction will commence in 2026 and phase 1 will be completed in 2033. 

Dan Jørgensen, the Danish minister for climate.

The Danish minister for climate, Dan Jørgensen said of the project "It will make a big contribution to the realization of the enormous potential for European offshore wind, and I am excited for our future collaboration with other European countries". We hope he is right.